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Boating Safety & Education

Here are some basic safety tips to follow if you’re planning on going out onto the water:

Wear a Life Jacket.

Modern life jackets aren’t too bulky anymore. They don’t take up too much space in your boat, and are always a “better safe than sorry” measure to take. Most downing victims are boaters who weren’t wearing their life jacket.

Avoid Drinking.

Drunk drivers are just as dangerous on the water as they are on the road.

Take a Boating Course.

Learning about boating safety is extremely important, for beginner boaters and experienced boaters, even if you’re not planning on operating the boat yourself. It’s important to be educated and prepared for every circumstance that might arise. Below please find some helpful links to boater education and safety websites:

Check your Boat Before You Put It in the Water.

The US Coast Guard offers free vessel safety checks, because they want to be sure that you’re safe out there on the water. The US Coast Guard will provide a specialist to check out your boat and they’ll make helpful boating safety tips and recommendations.

Learn to Swim.

Learning to swim is extremely important if you’re planning on being around the water. If you don’t know how to swim, or can’t swim well, wear your life jacket at all times.

Use Common Sense.

Be respectful of buoyed areas and set speed limits. Pay attention to your surroundings and stay alert.

For additional information on Rules of the Waterways for Boating and Yachts take a look at HYM Yacht’s website for some valuable information to keep you and your love ones safe out on the water.